Saturday, February 6, 2010

My name is Tim Brickley, and I live and work and make music in Indianapolis, IN. I am a songwriter/performer/producer and long-time owner of midwest music mecca Hit City Recording. I  am forming - with an assortment of fellow artists - a new music venture.

We've decided to call our new record label/creative collective "Different Beat", in honor of a music mag I co-founded with a bunch of crazy Indianapolis music nuts in the late 1980's, it's mid-90's resurgence, and the free-spirited, pursue-your-own-path ethic the phrase was meant to embody at the outset.

It's now re-launching, with new bunch of music nuts from around the continental United States, and - so far - the U.K.

We make albums, albums that we want to make, albums that we pay to produce, done in the way - for better and worse - that we want to do them.

We make complete, full-length albums, albums that are a specific assortment of songs with cohesive elements, either as a collection of time, or as a thematic continuity.

We believe that music, even in it's most crassly commercial form, is a link to the spirit world,  a way to both communicate kinship with our better angels and ideas, and to help to share those angels and ideas amongst ourselves.

Of the rough-and-tumble, in a jumble "music business",  we have little concern. We do hope, though, in a grass-roots, music-lover to music-lover way, to share our music with a wider public. If you are reading this - thank you and welcome.

We have numerous albums in the works, for release in 2010:

Scott Sanders, tent. title "Flaming Planet Head"
Paul Matthew Lauck, second album
Rosetta Pebble, third album
Low Flying Helicopters, debut
J.J. Pearson (ex-Toxic Reasons), second solo album
Monument Valley, debut
Tim Brickley and the Bleeding Hearts, third album
Lon and Jon Ohnder, debut
"The Max Everwood Show", soundtrack
Dan Lyon, debut
Andy Tucker, solo album
Chuck Foster, debut

More information on these albums will follow. In the meantime you can purchase music from:

And you can listen to the debut episode of "Different Beat Radio", an on-line radio showcase of our material. The first episode features tracks-in-progress from Rosetta Pebble and Monument Valley:

Thanks again, tell your music-loving friends about us, hang in there, and let us know: what's up with you? TB